The sE5 has been discontinued,
but we suggest you check out the sE8 instead.

The sE5 is a powerful, sleek condenser fit for almost any task.

The sE5 comes from a lineage of fantastically versatile small-diaphragm condensers, and takes the best elements of them all to become a mic greater than the sum of its influences.

We've taken the sE5's predecessor, the sE4, and redesigned it from the capsule right through to the XLR connector. We believe the sE5 sets the new standard for small diaphragm microphones at its price, and is perfect for any use - studio or live. With an even smoother full-range frequency response and improved transient handling, it is the perfect choice for recording drums, percussion, pianos and any stringed acoustic instrument.



The sE5's cardioid polar pattern delivers a clean and smooth on-axis response, with off-axis rejection that's essential when recording the source instrument in-situ among unwanted noise sources such as other instruments or room ambience.


The sE5's 100Hz bass cut can be applied to decrease the level of proximity effect, which is typical behavior in cardioid pattern microphones if placed very close to the sound source, or to isolate from low frequency rumble from other sources.

-10dB / -20dB PAD

The two pad switches can be used if you're recording a very ‘hot’ (loud) signal. For miking up loud sound sources such as drums or a guitar cabinet, the -10dB or -20dB settings will reduce the level output from the microphone to the connected microphone preamp, ensuring a high quality signal is delivered.

The sE5, from our anechoic chamber (where we test our capsules) to reality.


The matte black finish minimizes the level of visual attention drawn to the microphone when used on stage or in the studio, allowing it to blend into the background.


Every sE5 includes a custom-designed shock mount in the box, which is essential in use to reduce the unwanted effects of vibration or knocks to the supporting microphone stand. The mounting mechanism is sprung, for quick and easy insertion or removal of the mic.



sE5 Factory-Matched Stereo Pair

When purchased as a pair, the capsules are factory-matched for perfect tolerance, guaranteeing the best possible stereo image.

This configuration also includes a precision stereo mounting bar, and the whole setup comes packaged inside a secure flight case that's ready for the road.



via YouTube Artist @AdamLeeGuitarist:

"The piano in this example is an extremely old Bechstein model A (6 feet in length), built in 1892, and is in need of some repair to get it sounding its best.

It's a dark-sounding piano, because I voiced it that way when trying to overhaul the instrument to the best of my ability. In the room, the tone of the instrument is stunningly rich and soulful, but this makes it challenging to record, without the resulting sound being on the darker side."

"I opted to place a stereo pair of the sE5's about 20 cm over the strings: the first mic being placed over the dampers, angled at the hammers to capture the sound of the strings being struck. The other was pointed towards the middle of the soundboard, which captures the characteristic midrange of these older pianos that is so defining of their tone. The soundboard is also fractured in places on my instrument causing it to buzz slightly in places, and the sE5's are exceptionally analytical in transmitting this, so this placement minimises the pick-up of these unwanted sounds, while still capturing the tone of the piano."

via YouTube Artist @AdamLeeGuitarist:

"For recording acoustic guitar, once again, I seem to have a darker-sounding instrument than most. The guitar I use is capable of a very rich, woody tonality, but at the same time outputs a very airy high end. The full spectrum of these sounds was captured by the sE5s in a way that no other mic I have used has done."

"I used a stereo pair mounted on the included X-Y bar, with one mic pointed towards the 12th fret, and the other over the sound hole, but angled towards the bridge, so as to avoid an overload of low frequencies. Both mics were at a distance of roughly two feet from the instrument.

The resulting sound is huge, rich and detailed - with no processing required at all. Panning the mics out left and right paints a very realistic stereo image of the instrument, and has given me some of my most beautiful acoustic guitar recordings."


Capsule Type: Hand-Crafted True Condenser

Diaphragm: 23mm Gold/Mylar

Directional Pattern: Cardioid

Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Impedance: 200 Ohms

Sensitivity: 19.95 mV/Pa (-34dB)

Max SPL: 139/149/159 dB (0/-10/-20 dB pad) (0.5% THD @ 1kHz)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 80 dB

Self Noise: 14 dB(A)

Pass Filter Switch: 100 Hz

Preattenuation Pad: -10/-20 dB

Matching Connectors: XLR3F

Power requirement: 48V phantom

Weight: 230g / 8.11oz


"...if you are producing rock, pop or country records with real drum kits and instruments in a room, or simply want a great-sounding stereo pair, the sE5 needs to be on your must-hear list. Both the frequency and transient response of the sE5 are stellar, and the detail that this microphone captures is outstanding. I am a huge fan and now own a pair."

- Tim Dolbear, Eclectica Studios, Mix Magazine (full review) - sE Artist

"The guitar I use is capable of a very rich, woody tonality, but at the same time outputs a very airy high end. The full spectrum of these sounds was captured by the sE5's in a way that no other mic I have used has done."

- Adam Lee, guitarist (YouTube Channel) - sE Artist

"The sound achieved was clear and accurate with transients handled well and a high-end presence...while the sound was quite loud, the pair are able to take high SPLs and handled it with no problem."

- Trevor Curwen, Future Music / Music Radar (full review)

"The mic itself is extremely well built and feels solid and professional in your use, the pair of mics was a pleasure to use on acoustic guitar...they would also be ideal used as more ambient overhead mics for a drum kit or for angling strategically into an acoustic piano, or even at several string players to capture a natural sound."

- Hollin Jones, AskAudio Magazine (full review)