If you value detail, clarity across all frequencies (20Hz to 20kHz and beyond), and fidelity of the highest order, you need a large-diaphragm condenser. Other types of mics can accomplish great things, but nothing beats an LDC for the most pristine, "larger-than-life" capture of a sound source.


A flagship multi-pattern tube mic designed with Mr. Rupert Neve.


sE's dual-tube condenser mic, for truly massive vocals.

Z5600a II

Nine polar patterns, with serious tube  and transformer tone.



A titanium capsule for punch, detail, and superb transient response.


Vintage versatility at its finest, with a dead-quiet FET circuit.


The latest version of sE's best-seller. Also avail. as sE2300 (multi-pattern)


X1 Series

From vocals to percussion, a mic for any budget and application.