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Pro Audio Review: V PACK ARENA


Pro Audio Review has just published their stellar review of the new V PACK ARENA - many thanks to Rob Tavaglione for the in-depth testing, and for all the kind words! Here are a few excerpts, but you can read the full review right here.


“Considering all the styles of drumming I might come across, the V Pack Arena kit delivered as well as, or extremely close to, all my drum miking favorites curated over many years.”

“The V Kick was very easy to get on a low-profile kickstand, then tighten down the swivel and adjust the two voicing settings…the sound was definitely thick and punchy, defined but not overly bright or aggressive, with a nice click up top but without any particular frequency emphasis. It was an overall balanced tone that could work across multiple styles, unlike certain kick mics that seem to be genre-specific.”

“It deserves mention that this kit has the design, build quality and portability that would excel for live sound and touring acts. Those tom mounts are stout and tough, as are all the windscreens, tightening nuts, pivots and mic clips, all in a sturdy case that’s ready to hit the road.”


sE In The Studio, New Products

Tape Op Reviews the V SERIES for Drums


Tape Op Magazine is published every 2 months, and we’ve been waiting ever-so-patiently to read their review of our new V PACK ARENA…fortunately, it was WELL-worth the wait! Here are a few excerpts, but you should head on over to tapeop.com to read the full review!


on the V KICK

“Mixing and matching settings of the two voicing switches can provide four distinct tonalities, each with a solid bottom but varying degrees of midrange, high-mid, and high frequency presence.”

“I typically supplement my inside kick mic with a large diaphragm FET mic placed out in front of the resonant head for extra low end punch (as I did for these recordings), but I didn't wind up using the FET mic for my mixes, as the V KICK provided all the low end, body, and clarity that I needed.”

“Every drummer I recorded was pleased with their kick sound, and a few asked specifically about my setup – the V KICK really made me look like I knew what I was doing!”

“…I would suggest this mic to anyone in need of a new kick mic.”


on the V BEAT

“On close-mic'd snare, this broad low end boost really brought out the depth of the drum…in mixing, I found I could easily dig out the tones I needed.”

“While the sE mics output an almost identical level to an SM57, the transient response of the sE is better, which gives the sE mics a more lively and dynamic sound. Additionally, the sE mics respond well to slight changes in position, so I could dial in large changes of low end girth.”


Brian Frasier-Moore: The Drums Behind ‘The Masked Singer’

We met up with drummer extraordinaire Brian Frasier-Moore (Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Madonna) in Los Angeles, where he was recording tracks for FOX's 'The Masked Singer' Season 2. He was kind enough to talk us through his sE drum mic setup - used on tour, in the studio, and at home.