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Sound On Sound Reviews the sE / Rupert Neve RNT

Sound On Sound magazine has just released their review of our flagship tube microphone, the sE / Rupert Neve RNT.

Though the full review is for their subscribers only (and you can read it here if you’re one of them), we’ve been kindly granted permission to publish a few excerpts from it below:


“…while you don't have to have lots of high-end gear to make a great sounding recording, it just makes your job that bit easier — and the RNT just plain helped me out during its time at my studio, in terms of getting great results quickly.”

“…they'd done quite a big mic shootout before tracking the vocals and…they'd chosen the RNT for lead vocals on the whole album. There's no shortage of good mic options at my studio, but apparently the band especially liked how it helped the vocal cut through their big guitar sounds.”

“I was impressed with not only the clarity and detail captured but also how easy it was to get the vocal to sit nicely in the track quickly.”

“I don't like using the term 'musical' with audio equipment, but for all the singers I recorded with this mic, it framed the voice in a way that just worked in the song.”