Bad Saulgau - Germany

Thimo Strobel has had over 15 years experience as a producer and sound engineer with artists including ADEL TAWIL, MILKY CHANCE, THE STRUMBELLAS, ITCHY POOPZKID, GUANO APES, EMIL BULLS, SARA HARTMANN, VAN HOLZEN, LEFT BOY, LIVINGSTON, and more.

It all began when he started his own rock band. However, he soon realized that his efforts would be better spent working behind a mixing desk. During his studies in audio engineering (Bachelor of Recording Arts), he opened his first studio: Maraton-Studio.

Thimo Strobel works best in the analog and digital high-end audio world. Since the beginning of his career as an engineer and producer, he has been using Pro Tools and swears by it. With his knowledge of sound and studio technology, as well as creativity, Thimo has made a name for himself in the music scene in more than 100 music productions.

However, working in a studio environment is not Thimo's only strength. Over the past 15 years he has worked on over 1500 touring productions and concerts as a FOH and Monitor engineer for several international acts. His motto is: “I am an advocate of teamwork and I always aim to be professional, creative and confident.”

"My FOH setup for Milky Chance."

"My IEM Monitor World for Adel Tawil."


The V7 X is an all-purpose weapon."

"The V7 X is an all-purpose weapon. After many tests with a lot of drum mics I decided on the V7 X. Great on all drums, and also a fantastic vocal microphone - I'm a big fan of the capsule suspension. It has a very tight impulse and a super-fast sound. Also, the drummer (Sebastian "Captain" Schmidt) of Milky Chance was impressed with the difference it made for his in-ears!"

"I also use the VR1 & VR2 for guitars & drum overheads. The X1 R is my favorite snare bottom mic."

"The RN17 is small-capsule microphone with a great balance and headroom in all frequencies; it is a mic that you can use everywhere. I use it on a lot of recordings, and also live for ambience recording and ambience for the band's in-ears. It's small, but sounds big!"


"The sE8 is my condenser mic for everything. I love it on hi-hat, percussion, and overheads."

"I found 'my sound' in all of sE's ribbons. A warm, open, smooth sound. I love the output of the VR2 and can use it on every instrument. Thanks to the sE folks for the great mics."


"If I have two amps & cabs for one guitar, I use 2x sE VR ribbons on one of them and make them stereo. On the right side, some very short delay and a M/S (mid-side) plugin. So I can bring the cab with the 2 mics to the side and the mono cab to the mid. This will sound very wide without any phase problems."