London - UK

Simon Rhodes is an accomplished recordist & mixer for films such as Spectre, Skyfall, Avatar, Grand Budapest Hotel, There Will Be Blood, several films from the Harry Potter franchises, and many more - over 100 film scores in all.


On the sE / Rupert Neve RNR1 ribbon:

“On brass instruments, they’re just terrific. Very forgiving…they get rid of all the artifacts, and you’re left with a nice, rounded brass sound.”

“Quite interesting on piano. Good for heavily transient instruments too - smoothing out the initial impulse.”

On the sE / Rupert Neve RN17 small-diaphragm condenser:

"They’ve got a really elegant, smooth brightness to them. Not overly so...crystal clarity, but they’ve also got this forgiving warmth too."

“[Small-diaphragm condensers] generally sound a pretty good, but this one is a cut has a quality worthy of a soloist’s mic rather than a workaday spot mic."

“They’re often my main spot mics for overdubs, and are working extremely well on all things plucky.”

“They sound beautiful on stringed instruments as solo mics.”