I have studied drums (Pop/Jazz) and classical percussion at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (Master degree), and I live in Vienna where I have my home studio and I teach at a state music school.


My current bands are:

Elephants In Paradise: www.elephantsinparadise.com/

Jacobs Moor: www.jacobsmoor.com/

Gravity: www.gravity-music.at/

Besides working with these bands, which includes mixing/producing all albums and videos of Elephants In Paradise and Jacobs Moor, I also work as a freelancer/independent drummer, playing various styles and jobs, everything from Jazz to Heavy Metal, Jazz Trio gigs, musicals, cabaret shows, Big Band gigs and Top 40 cover jobs. I play about 100 gigs per year, mainly in Austria and Germany.


I love the new V KICK and V BEAT microphones."

I love the new V KICK and V BEAT microphones. They sound modern but not “over-pre-EQ’d” and the V CLAMP is the best mic clamp for drums on the market. It doesn’t get loose, it’s easy to mount, and like the microphones: it’s indestructible!


Any sE ribbon microphones will sound incredible on miking a room, like the VR1 and VR2 in Blumlein position or the RNR1 in AB – wide stereo position. If I had to record a drum kit with just two microphones it would be a pair of RNR1s; I never had any better microphones above or in front of my drums!


When I record for my bands Elephants In Paradise and Jacobs Moor I use quite big drumset and I like to use a lot of microphones - close and ambient microphones, also “fun” microphones like a V7 X used as a Core Mic to pick up the tone of the whole drumset in the center of the drumset.

As sE Electronics offer such a big variety of microphones (dynamic, condensers, ribbons, small/large diaphragm etc.), I always find the right microphone for any situation."

V KICK - Bass Drum, large Floor Tom
V BEAT & V CLAMP - Toms, Snare (top)
V7 X - Snare (top, bottom, side/shell) and as a “core” or “fat” mic
sE8 - Hi Hats, Ride, Splash Cymbals
4400a - China Cymbals
RN17 - OHs
RNR1 - OHs, Room
RNT - Bass Drum (outside) and as a producer for vocals of course
VR1 + VR2 - Room


“I love the combination of a VR1 and a VR2 ribbon in Blumlein position to stereo-mic the room when recording drums. Both mics also sound incredible when used as mono mics in front of the bass drum.”

“I also like using my own special room miking technique, where I combine the Blumlein technique with a mid/side miking technique: VR1 + VR2 in Blumlein position with a RN17 in between them (like on the photo below). When mixing I pan the two Blumlein mics hard with the mono RN17 in the center.”


The V BEAT not only sounds incredible on toms but also on snare drums, and I like to use two mics on the top of the snare: a V7 X + a V Beat.

For recording guitars with my band Elephants In Paradise we also use a V7 and a VR1 with the guitaRF Reflexion Filter.