Kraków - Poland

Piotr Madej is a guitarist, keyboardist & vocalist responsible for the Polish project Patrick The Pan. He is a self-taught musician, a home recordist, a sound engineer at the Julisz Slowacki Theatre in Krakow, & a beginner music producer.


"When talking about studio gear, I am a follower of the rule that "less is more". It all started after reading the history of Bon Iver's first album - a guy closed himself in a cabin with a very small amount of gear and a lot of music ideas."

"Inspired by this, I recorded my first album at home, using only one microphone - the X1."

"Very quickly after purchase it came out to be the perfect shot with my gear minimalism philosophy. It's a very flexible and graceful microphone - it copes with any recordings I want to make: male and female vocals, guitars, amps, glockenspiel, percussions, even some drums. The X1 confirmed my belief that great gear doesn't have to be extremely expensive."


Listen here to "The Ballad of an Elephant". All parts recorded with an X1, except bass guitar (direct + AmpliTube).

Note: we found out about Piotr when he sent us this email.


"If you have one microphone and you want to make a good record of an acoustic guitar, you need to be inventive. My trick is to place my X1 mic around 30cm from the guitar and point it to the 12 fret. Record your part once and...then record it again. Having the same part recorded twice, pan each take extremely right and left. It is important to play these parts quite similarly, as any extreme differences will be very hearable. It consumes your time double, but the final effect in incredibly satisfying, and often doesn't need any further mix moves."