Amsterdam - Netherlands

Matthijs has been named "Transatlantyk Young Composer for 2011", collaborated with DJ Armin Van Buuren on a film score, won the prestigious "Young Talent Award" at the Krakow Film Music Festival, and composed music for dozens of films and TV shows.


Born in 1985 in the city of Dordrecht, Matthijs discovered his affinity for music at an early age. Like many of his generation, he began with a classical instrument (cello), but switched to something more contemporary (bass guitar) as soon as he had the choice.


As his passion for music intensified, Matthijs enrolled in a special high school that offered pre-conservatory training for musicians. At 18, having broadened his musical horizons, he set aside his ambitions as a bass player and focused on composition.


Matthijs' 2200a II and sE1a Stereo Pair:

"Great and affordable!"

"I love the clear and transparent sound, which is very useful when you record different types of instruments within a short period of time, which happens a lot in my film scoring process."