∆ (ALT-J)

Chicago, IL - USA

Lance is entering his 20th year of international touring and FOH mixing. Since 2012 he has mixed FOH for Mercury Prize-winning, GRAMMY®-nominated group alt-J, initially joining the band for their very first US club tour.


 In 2015, alt-J earned the #3 spot on Songkick's "hardest working band" list, having played 133 shows, travelling 188,569 kilometers...including sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden and London's O2 Arena, as well as notable main stage festival appearances at Coachella and Glastonbury.

"For alt-J, I use the sE4400a on drums. Though it may look like I'm merely mic'ing the tambourine, the 4400a offers a nice picture of the entire drum kit, adding depth and clarity with smooth high frequencies."

"The toy glockenspiel is mic'd with an sE5, capturing a nice twinkle. And I'm using an sE1a on the snare bottom. A condenser may seem like an odd choice for such a loud source, but it produces an interesting voice that you wouldn't get from a dynamic mic. It does take a beating, but so far it has held up well."


"I also keep an sEX1 in my mic a sort of "Swiss Army" mic. I've used it on guitar cabs, bass cabs, drum overheads, works on just about everything."


"sE offers engineers a great 'try before you buy' attitude."

"Initially, I went to sE looking for a good large diaphragm condenser that wouldn't break the bank. Before I knew it, they sent out a dozen mics to for me to try...including a pair of VR1 ribbon mics. Perfect for a guitar cabinet, offering loads of low end and more highs than you would ever expect from a ribbon. I was surprised at how much more sound it captured than my usual guitar mics...and how realistic the guitar amp sounded."


"Don't try to "fix it in the mix". Get the sound right on the stage, and choose good mics to capture it."