Seeheim-Jugenheim - Germany

Kohlekeller Studios is located in Seeheim, Germany, and is owned and operated by Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner (Powerwolf, Hämatom, Eskimo Callboy, Benighted, Crematory, All For Nothing).


"Overhead mics are the most important weapons when it comes to capturing drum sounds - the foundation, so to speak. I have always prefered rather "full-sounding" overhead mics that give me the punch of the drums without too much harshness in the cymbals."

"Those LDCs (large-diaphragm condensers) everybody seems to use have always been too thin and bright-sounding to my ears. So I have been using an old pair of AKG 414B-ULS for that purpose, until I discovered the VR ribbons."

"They offer a beautifully relaxed picture of the whole kit. Big drums, smooth cymbals and a nice touch of the room. Compared to most condensers, they sound 'relaxed' - especially around 8kHz where cymbals can hurt your ears!"

"Compared to the other ribbons, they don't need a lot of EQ to sit nicely in the mix. The high end is perfect and the low end is not as overwhelming as with many traditional ribbons. Best of both worlds. Smooth ribbon feel with a condenser-like high end."


VR1 (x2)